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Will looking at these images make you happier?

Since the brain cannot tell the difference between a lie and the truth, I believe even fake memories can boost our mood. My theory: If you look at the images and tell yourself funny stories about you living these moments, you will feel more joyful. This is an innocuous remedy, but it could be as…

The Road to Madamunity

Identify your thoughtsUnderstand your emotionsClarify your intentionsOwn your actions When the mind is split, the fight or flight response remains active. You are in a constant battle within. You may be angry at the wrong person and fight about the wrong things. You see ugly in the the most beautiful experiences. The quickest solution is…

Cognitive dissonance

Is your mind whispering things that you do not identify as coming from within? Has the whispers of negative forces become so central in your life, that you mistake that negativity for reality? The first step to knowing what is and is not really you, is to listen. Quiet your mind and wait for what…

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