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The Road to Madamunity

  1. Identify your thoughts
  2. Understand your emotions
  3. Clarify your intentions
  4. Own your actions

When the mind is split, the fight or flight response remains active. You are in a constant battle within. You may be angry at the wrong person and fight about the wrong things. You see ugly in the the most beautiful experiences.

The quickest solution is to focus on the positive thoughts you have. Then purposely identify the negative thoughts and emotions. Do the stories you tell yourself feel good? Are they truthful? Are they kind to you in every way?

The brain does not understand jokes. The more you focus on fooling yourself with lies and jokes, the more they lie feels like the truth. But you can not fool your soul. Your soul knows you and is pure. It is cleansed the moment The Creator breathed life into. You were born good.

You know how good you are deep inside. You know how evil you let yourself behave sometime too. If your long-term goal is a better life, be wiling to forgive yourself and love every part of you.

Choose the path that benefits your soul. Choose good. Once you are on the path, keep reminding yourself of how willing you are to stay there. This constant positive flow will create an inner unity — and immunity against the lurking madness.

Published by madampeace

Social curator. Peace Activator.

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